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About Club Nintendo

Unlike what the name implies, Club Nintendo does not involve applying blunt objects to people’s heads. It also is not a controller shaped like a caveman’s primitive weapon. Nintendo gamers enroll in a free, exclusive loyalty rewards club. By purchasing games, systems, and other merchandise, you earn codes. Enter these codes into the system, take a survey, and receive Club Nintendo coins. If you’ve ever played a Nintendo game, you know that coins are always a good thing and that the more coins you collect, the better. This system gives direct feedback to Nintendo on your thoughts and feelings of different games so that they can make improvements. Better yet, cash in the coins for exclusive rewards such as a limited edition Club Nintendo controller or case. If you are late to the game and missed out on limited time Nintendo Club rewards or did not have the coins saved up at the time, eBay has you covered. Find former rewards on sale, some still in their original packaging.