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About Clown Costumes

Ronald McDonald and Bozo leap to mind when you think about a clown costume for Halloween, but the prankster-inspired possibilities actually extend well beyond those icons. Although the thought of clowns makes many people smile and reminisce about childhood birthday parties, it makes just as many people shudder with heartfelt fear. You can take advantage of that twist by dressing up as a creepy, scary clown to freak out a few of your friends. Wild red hair and streaky, frightful, non-traditional clown makeup boosts the scare factor of this costume. If you love clowns and are the parent of a young child, a toddler or baby clown costume is a great choice. Scary is taboo with the young ones, and a traditional fluffy red wig with a bright red smile is a much better choice. Regardless of your feelings about clowns, you can find a clown costume on eBay to create either a friendly or a ferocious version. Additionally, if you dream of becoming a professional clown entertainer, high-quality costumes and accessories are available for serious professionals.