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About Cloth Wire

The older you get, the more you have come to appreciate antiques and the vintage look. If there is a single item to make anything look vintage, it is cloth wire. The twisted braids of cloth-covered wire always seem to take a handful of decades off anything it is attached to. The antique style it brings on is perfect for keeping alive that vintage piece of electronics you still have around. So, with a vintage cloth wire you can rewire that vintage gramophone or antique lamp without ruining it with any hint of brash modernity. And when you play that old vinyl record and hear it start with that priceless analog crackle, you can hear the very call of the past in those sultry voices. Should you want to play along, make sure your Stratocaster is rewired with guitar cloth wire too. With the wide selection of such wires found on eBay, you can find any length of cloth wire to take you on a journey into the very heart of the vintage past.