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About Clone

The army that saved and overthrew the Galactic Republic was, in the end, only one man. That man was the ubiquitous clone trooper — an entire conquering force patterned on the genetic template of the bounty hunter Jango Fett. Clone trooper action figures capture the chilling uniformity of these involuntary weapons of men brought into being and trained from an early age to fight. In their white plastoid armor, they present a vision of the future, presaging the stormtroopers who would be the strong right arm of the Galactic Empire after the Republic's end. A clone commander action figure brings the storm and fury of the great battlefields of the "Star Wars" universe home to wherever you are. There are many models available from customizable Lego figurines to high-quality miniatures intended for display only, so no matter your interest in "Star Wars," you can find something to suit it. You can find clone action figures and other toys through the vast inventory of "Star Wars" memorabilia and other action figures maintained on eBay.