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About Clock Radios

Like wristwatches and telegrams, the clock radio is somewhat passé in the electronic, computerized, wireless phone connected, Internet age, but there are those who still use them and in fact they're still useful, particularly since they're not dependent on Internet connection or a cell phone signal. Vintage clock radios are just what the name suggests, a clock with a radio built in (or vice-versa), that works like an alarm clock except that instead of shocking you awake with raucous bells or creepy electronic tones, it gently nudges you from sleep with music from your favorite radio station—unless a commercial happens to be playing at that moment. You can't control everything. Alarm clock radios were very popular in the 1960s and for several decades thereafter, and are still in production, as well as older models being available on eBay. Some models use mechanical electric clocks, while others employ digital displays. Not quite as good as breakfast in bed, but nicer than most other ways to wake up.