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About Clock Pendulums

Does the tick tock of a clock drive you crazy or remind you of grandma’s large, grandfather clock at Christmas time? You too can keep time retro style with a clock pendulum. For some, old-fashioned clocks keep them on track throughout the day with their hourly reminder of the time. It is too easy to let those hours slip by when you are focused on a project. Moreover, the pendulum, which swings back and forth, is not just to hypnotize you or for mere aesthetics; it acts as a harmonic oscillator that keeps the device accurate. Many people collect clock pendulum parts, or they shop for whole vintage pendulum clocks, or they do both. Typically, the older the device is, the more valuable it is. However, its condition and rarity plays a big part as well. Whether you want a collector’s item or something more modern, you can find clocks and their parts on eBay. Give your home more character with one of these eye-catching pieces.