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About Clifford - Toys & Hobbies

Is that an earthquake shaking Birdwell Island? No, it is just Clifford the Big Red Dog. The friendly canine grew from the runt of the litter to the biggest dog on earth because of his owner's love. In the Clifford books series, Clifford and his doggie friends, Cleo, Max, and T-Bone have fun and adventures with Clifford's owner, Emily Elizabeth, and her friends. Clifford's heart is almost as big as he is, and his biggest goal is to make those he loves happy. The wholesome stories always teach an important lesson in a gentle way. Kids around the world loved the "Clifford" television series, and "Clifford" DVDs make nice gifts for young fans. Plush Clifford dolls let your child go to sleep with their best friend. Find a large inventory of Clifford memorabilia on eBay. While your child may not be able to travel to Birdwell Island themselves, Clifford toys, books, and movies let them bring the fun and adventure home.