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About Cleveland Wedges

While the Cleveland brand produces the spectrum of golfing equipment, their specialty is wedges, having produced some of the highest selling clubs on the market. On eBay, you can find a new or used Cleveland wedge that is course ready. Their high quality manufacturing utilizes laser technology for perfect dimensions, angles, and grooves, so you can achieve optimal distance and accuracy with their pieces of sporting equipment, whether you’re looking for the Cleveland wedge 60 degree, the CG14, or many others. You can find men and women’s golf club types in a range of heights, as well as wedges for left handed or right handed individuals. In the golfing world, "wedge" is a broad term, but a Cleveland wedge covers the spectrum, some sellers offering multiple wedges in one purchase. Depending on the angle of your desired club, it could be considered a pitching, sand, lob, or gap wedge, which serve different purposes depending on the location of your ball and the distance to the hole. The Cleveland brand’s focus is to optimize your gameplay, and their trusted craftsmanship is sure to translate onto your scorecard.