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About Cleveland Irons

You feel inadequately equipped as you compare your old set of golf clubs to the set of gleaming new Cleveland irons in your opponent's golf bag. Your trepidation proves well founded as he sets about using his Cleveland irons in a lethal fashion and, as you drive away from the golf course, you decide that it is time to retire your old clubs. After you get over the shock at the retail price of a new set of Cleveland CG7 irons at the local golf store, you decide to check for a good deal on eBay. The complete range of Cleveland irons is available from reliable sellers and there are also lots of secondhand sets available that look to be in good condition at much less than they cost in a store. You decide to buy a set of Cleveland Black Pearl irons, a forgiving set designed for players with a slower swing that want to improve their distance. Imagining how good they will look in your golf bag, you decide that they will make you look a whole lot better out on the course even if they do not improve your score.