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About Cleveland Browns

What’s in a name? Legends, in the case of the Cleveland Browns, were named after their first coach. Paul Brown, who guided them to three NFL championships in the late 1950s and early 60s. The other Brown, by the first name of Jim and who played for Paul Brown, is unofficially cast alongside his coach as a co-namesake. Regarded by many as the greatest running back to ever live, Jim Brown still breathes and sleeps Cleveland Browns to this day as a special advisor to the team under its new ownership, which is hoping to rekindle the flame that drove the Browns to eight NFL championships between 1949 and 1964. Despite being one of four teams yet to make it to the Super Bowl and victims of the near miss a couple times in pursuit of that Holy Grail, the Browns faithful fans have never quivered, not even when owner Art Modell eviscerated the city by moving the team to Baltimore in 1996. With pigskin resilience, the Browns faithful still pack their stadium every Sunday and still feverishly collect their vintage Cleveland Browns memorabilia, often found via reliable eBay sellers. Jim Brown autographed helmets, in full size and as a mini, harken the hey-days of the Browns, while the hopes of newfound glory are represented in a Cleveland Browns signed football with the name of promising third-year receiver Josh Gordon splashed just below the orange helmet, virtually unchanged in design since the Browns were established.