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About Clear Watches

Strap a fashion statement onto your wrist by equipping yourself with a clear watch. The selection on eBay ranges from cool and colorful to sophisticated and classy. Check out the women's Geneva silicone watch with a rubber jelly band and rhinestone bezel. These clear watches feature soft bands that feel good up against your skin and come in dozens of assorted colors. If you are looking for a timepiece to add to your jewelry collection, the Michael Kors clear watch is perfect. The GLITZ clear acrylic uses genuine Swarovski crystals on the bezel and clear acrylic crystals on the band. The timepiece is made from scratch-resistant materials and comes in a collector's box. For another sophisticated piece, check out the DKNY clear watch that features an acrylic case and stainless steel bracelet with clear plastic adorning the rim. When purchasing a designer watch, make sure it has all the paperwork included to prove authenticity.