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About Clear Shoes

Fashion trends have a way of returning like planets revolving around the sun, and this is seen with the clear shoe. The waves of fashion in the 1950s brought the clear shoe to women's feet, and then they retreated for some time, to be brought back with some 21st century styling. The mules of the 1950s became popular in Hollywood, and they were enhanced with clear plastic materials, embellished with rhinestones, bows, and flowers. The mule is a backless shoe and is often difficult to walk in without making a clacking sound. The Spring-o-lator shoe had an especially stretchy arch that kept the shoe on the foot quietly. The heels were usually made of clear Lucite, an acrylic resin, and other flexible see-through plastic material made up the rest of the shoe. These vintage clear shoes are still sought after for their unique structure, fashion styling, and history. The Cinderella clear shoe is a modern take on the glass slipper of the fairy tale princess. It is popular with girls and women for pageants, proms, and weddings. Diane von Furstenburg, Prada, Sophia Cox, and Sperry are some of the modern designers of translucent shoes. Reliable sellers on eBay offer a broad selection of new and pre-loved transparent shoes of many styles. Haven't most women dreamed of being the fortunate one whose foot fits into that glass slipper?