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About Clear Rhinestones

For centuries, people have been using clear rhinestones to imitate the dazzle of diamonds. These rock crystal, glass, or paste jewels come without the hefty price tag of diamonds, making them perfect for everything from custom jewelry to embellishments on clothing and accessories. Quality diamantes, such as the luxury, precision-cut crystals that Swarovski produces, feature facets that sparkle like real diamonds. Because these faux jewels have been and remain immensely popular, you can find new, used, and vintage jewelry in a variety of styles. Use a brooch to add sparkle to a dress, top, or jacket, or opt for a bracelet, earrings, necklace, or ring. You can even create your own designs using loose gems. Choose pieces that feature smaller gems for subtle radiance or select jewelry with intricate designs or larger gems as statement pieces. Buy jewelry featuring clear rhinestones from reliable sellers on eBay to add brilliance to any outfit.