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About Clear Ornaments

Clear ornaments are a great way to personalize the holiday season, giving you the opportunity to create art that celebrates both the season and your family. Some people may wonder how you get the paint to spread evenly on clear round ornaments, but the trick is simple: you paint the inside, not the outside. For a solid color, just pour the paint inside of the glass ornaments and swirl it around. Spin it a few times in your hand for complete coverage and let it dry; you will soon have a perfect ornament with paint that will not chip and does not contain visible brush lines. For two colors, you have to work fast but all you have to do is drip a couple of lines of paint into the globe and spin carefully. With a little practice, you will soon have a houseful of unique ornaments. Check out the reliable sellers on eBay for your clear ornaments. Bring your family together for the holidays with these one-of-a-kind holiday ornaments.