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About Clawfoot Tubs

After watching HGTV, you might think that you absolutely need a glass walk-in shower; they are gorgeous, no doubt about it. However, consider that a sleek glass shower, unlike a classic clawfoot tub, may very well go the way of most trends and start to look dated. A clawfoot tub has personality, though, and it might be a better option for a timeless look in the bathroom. Call attention to the tub's feet by choosing a contrasting color. For example, if you have a classic white tub and a light-colored floor, choose a nickel or silver color to make the feet stand out. You can find a huge inventory of feet for clawfoot tubs on eBay, as well as the tubs themselves and the fixtures that you need. Install a shower fixture for days when you just need to get out the door. You can find a shower mount that sits on the floor or mounts from the ceiling, depending on what works best for your bathroom and your taste. For weekend days, stock up on bubble bath and enjoy the luxury of a long, well-deserved soak.