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About Claude Monet

Impressionism evokes the colors and beauty of nature, and the art style has become synonymous with that beauty. As one of the Impressionist movement's founders, Claude Monet focused on depictions of the French countryside, especially his signature seascapes, ponds, and water lilies. Monet also brought worldwide attention to the lush Giverny area of northern France that he called his home. Even when depicting people in his paintings, Monet often showed them outdoors dining, strolling, and otherwise enjoying their natural surroundings. Monet did not start his famous water lily paintings until 1899, after completion of an enormous landscaping project on his property, which included the lily ponds that became his inspiration. Of course, it would be nearly impossible for the average person to purchase an original painting by Claude Monet. One of his "London: Houses of Parliament" painting series sold in 2004 for 20.1 million dollars, for example. You can find, however, a Monet print or a series of prints to bring Impressionist beauty into your home when you choose from the vast selection of Monet artwork on eBay.