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About Classical LPs

There is something irresistible about the slightly crackly sound of a turntable needle on an old classical LP. It conjures images of romantic evenings of days gone by, when records were the music format of choice. A Chopin record may paint a picture of an elegant 1930s dinner party, with ladies draped in fine bias-cut silk and men looking dapper in black suits. Playing a Beethoven sonata might cause you to imagine a frustrated bohemian writer tapping away on his typewriter in the wee hours of the morning. Classical music LPs date back to a time before the Internet and smartphones, when listening to a record was a primary form of entertainment. Many famous orchestras and soloists all over the world recorded their music and released it on vinyl, so there are practically countless titles available. Reliable sellers on eBay offer an seemingly endless selection of classical LP titles, from Mozart to Mendelssohn. You can even find classical LP lots containing many different titles and composers in a single purchase.