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About Clannad

Released in 2007, Clannad was a popular anime series produced by Kyoto Animation telling the story of the occasional delinquent Tomoya Okizaki's growing relationship with the sickly but high-spirited Nagisa Furukawa. The series name refers to the Irish word for family, an idea that Nagisa particularly treasures. The character has an amusing little song she makes up about a family of rice flour dumplings, which inspired the first season of the show's closing song. The Clannad dango is one of the most well-recognized figures of the series, and a series of plush toys featured in the series were made available in real life. Lovers of this touching series can find a number of products related to it, like a Clannad figure of characters, like Kyou Fujibayashi or Kotomi Ichinose, in good condition from a number of reliable sellers on eBay. Whatever your need for Clannad products, these sellers can get them to you exactly when you expect them with their convenient shipping options.