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About Civil War Tokens

Find a rare part of history in a collectible coin. Civil war tokens were minted between 1861 and 1864 during the United States Civil War. These tokens were used in the Northeast and Midwest portions of the United States as a replacement for standard U.S. coins, which were in scarce supply because of the war. Today, Civil War tokens are hard to find because they were only produced for four years before they were outlawed. You can find many of these tokens, as well as the even more rare Confederate Civil War token in the vast inventory on eBay. While most of these tokens were used as a money substitute, some of them were decorative. Civil War patriotic tokens were created in order to bolster esteem in the Union government and to promote the reunification of the United States. No matter which type of token you would like to collect, these items are a rare and important part of US history.