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About Civil War Dresses

Put away the cell phone and forget about that iPad; it is time to go back to a simpler age. To revert to the days of fainting couches and washboards, you will need to dress the part in a Civil War dress. Perfect for attending war reenactments, they feature a small waist with a full-length skirt, appropriately designed for style over comfort. Antique Civil War era dresses feature built-in corsets made with boning. Because these dresses were made before electric sewing machines, they were completely made by hand. This craftsmanship is why authentic pieces have lasted and are still available today. They often feature beautiful accents made of lace with a contrasting color of ribbon. Civil War dresses are worn over hoop skirts to create a bell effect. This antique style is not only suitable for the past. For a truly unique wedding theme, select a Civil War wedding dress and encourage guests to arrive in period clothing. Whether you need wedding attire or a fun costume, a variety of Civil War dresses can be found from reliable sellers on eBay.

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