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About Civil Wars

The practice of collecting and selling Civil War relics is as old as the bloody conflict itself. As soon as a battle ended, townsfolk descended on the battlefield and scoured the grounds for souvenirs. In addition to shells and bullets, people found personal items, such as a hat or belt buckle from the shredded uniform of a Civil War soldier. Sometimes these items were sold to visitors and more often they were simply passed from generation to generation within a family. Civil War tokens were minted in the North with patriotic slogans and distributed among the troops, and these were common finds scattered on the battlefield. There were so many Civil War relics floating around the United States in the decades after the war that they could be purchased inexpensively, and some enormous collections were amassed. Luckily for history, many of these have been donated to major museums and the National Parks Service. But there are still many private collections and individual pieces that change hands through reliable sellers on eBay every day with such popular finds as mine balls, shell fragments, and buttons to start your collection.