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About Civic Lips

To an enthusiast, your Honda is an expression of who you are. From the paint you use, to the accessories you install, such as an OEM Civic lip, everything plays a role in portraying your own design. Lip kits are offered in race-cars as performance upgrades. The lip's original purpose is to help the car create more downward force and lessen the tension felt from the speed. Due to racing movies like "The Fast and The Furious," shows like "Initial D," and media like "Honda Tuning Magazine," lips are now also used for aesthetic purposes and help create the look that a car is closer to the ground. There is a large variety of Honda Civic lips available on eBay. A Honda Civic Type R lip has a flowing slim design that widens toward the ends. A Honda Civic JDM lip is styled to be thicker than the domestic counterpart and makes use of vents to help circulate air. Finish making your car match your personality and find yourself the perfect Honda Civic lip.