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About Citrine

Your best friend's birthday is in November and you already know exactly what to get her: citrine birthstone jewelry. With colors reminiscent of autumn leaves, citrine is a beautiful stone to add to any jewelry. This lovely gem has been adopted as November's birthstone since it is more affordable and more easily found than its alternative, topaz. While natural citrine is available, it can also be created through a heating process of other gems. Stones range in color from light yellow all of the way to deep orange or amber. eBay's reliable sellers have a great assortment of citrine jewelry for you to choose from. This elegant stone blends in well with the warmth of gold or stands out against silver settings. Choose from a citrine pendant, or earrings, or even a bracelet. Find the perfect piece of jewelry and watch your best friend fall in love with this autumn-colored jewel.

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