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About Cisco 3550

For some time now, you have been interested in the idea of networking a number of computers together via Ethernet at home, but due to the number of PC's that you have, you wish to use server quality switches. It is at that point, that you recall hearing about Cisco 3550 series switches. You are already well aware of Cisco as a major name in networking devices, so it comes as no surprise to you that a Cisco 3550 switch is multilayered, which means packets can be prioritized using a specialized circuit known as ASIC. Furthermore, Cisco 3550 network switches are stackable, provide quality of service, and have built-in security — this means they are ideal for both hobbyists as well as enterprise-level operations. In fact, after browsing the wide range of products on eBay, you realize that a Cisco 3550 POE switch will allow you to power your network device by simply utilizing the same Ethernet cord that connects it to the Internet. It seems Cisco has you covered for all of your networking needs.