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About Circuit Tester

Working on your car's electrical system can be touch and go, especially if you are not sure which wires are hot and which are not. With a circuit tester, you do not have to play any of that by ear. You can test each wire to find out which ones are likely to give you a zap before you try adding or removing anything from the electrical system. A standard auto circuit tester is easy to use. Simply use the probe to pierce the wire's insulation, and then check the indicator screen on the tester. Almost every 12-volt circuit tester uses LED lighting to indicate the status of a particular wire, so there is no guesswork involved. Some of the more advanced testers even allow you to test your battery, so these are handy tools to have around. Whether you want to keep it in the car to use any time it is necessary, or just keep in the garage for when you are working on a project, you can find the right circuit tester from among the wide selection available on eBay.