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About Circuit Breakers

When the power unexpectedly surges or dissipates inside your home or car, you need a high performance circuit breaker to handle the uneven power load. The breaker contacts carry the excess electrical energy load by withstanding excessive heat that emanates from the arc during the opening and closing of the circuit. Breakers must also be able to handle moisture extremes, from very humid to very dry climates. Brand name breakers provide a detailed explanation for how they work, including information on how to reset one after it releases the contact points. The best home and automotive circuit breaker possesses anti-corrosion contact points constructed with laboratory-tested metal, such as copper or silver alloy. Interrupted electrical current creates an arc that produces a separation of the contact points. Because of the intricacies of a circuit breaker, home and automobile owners should consider only buying a new one to ensure product quality. Manufacturers typically protect breakers by placing them inside of a rugged circuit breaker box. Do not get caught short circuited by buying a replacement breaker from one of eBay's reliable sellers.

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