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About Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a popular spice that comes from the inner bark of different trees. True cinnamon is Ceylon cinnamon. It is more common, however, to find cassia cinnamon. Although it is a common cooking ingredient for many dishes, it also has several health benefits, as well. In some studies, a certain type of cinnamon, cassia cinnamon, proved to lower blood sugar in people with diabetes. Cinnamon may also reduce inflammation and fight of bacteria, in addition to antioxidant effects. None of these things are certain, however, so cinnamon is not considered an approved treatment. Side effects, though, are minimal, unless you have an allergic reaction, and high doses of cinnamon may prove toxic. Find cinnamon and cinnamon products on eBay. Reliable sellers offer cinnamon sticks, cinnamon, and even cinnamon capsules. If you have a green thumb, perhaps you can grow your own cinnamon tree and have all the cinnamon you need right in your own yard. If not, stock your spice cabinet with sticks and ground cinnamon.