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About Cinnabars

Cinnabar meaning "dragon’s blood" conjures up an era of glamorous Persian nights. Named from a bright red mineral from which beads and other jewelry get their name, it is made into accessories as well as cinnabar boxes, which are collectibles. Walk into a room with a cinnabar necklace and compliments will abound. Ancient lore claims that cinnabar beads have a healing effect on their wearers. Because cinnabar in its natural form is poisonous and no longer produced, cinnabar jewelry is still a resemblance of the color and technique of the original designs. The items now sold have the look and value of cinnabar, but without any dangerous mercury. The jewelry and boxes are striking. Stunning jewelry boxes such as a pair of spectacular cinnabar carved boxes are popular sellers on eBay. Their intricate designs will inspire you to keep a collection on your wall unit. For household use, a cinnabar vase or plate would make an attractive addition to your display cabinet or a vintage Chinese vase with the cinnabar label makes a timeless wedding or anniversary gift. The magnificent craftsmanship is a delight to behold, with its elaborate designs. If you are looking for a small trinket or something a little different to brighten up your bedroom, try cinnabar and dream of being a Persian princess.

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