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About Cinderella Shoes

The dress, the pumpkin, the story, the Prince Charming. All of those are fantastic, but none of them compare to the actual Cinderella shoes. In the fairy tale, the shoes are made from glass, but that is not quite so practical when your toddler wants to dress up as her favorite character and head out to play. Instead, it is more practical to find these reproductions in plastic, lucite, and even jellied rubber versions. Some shoes even light up with tiny LED lights, lending a magical feeling to any outfit. Some girls never outgrow their love for this classic fairy tale, and that is why Cinderella wedding shoes are so wonderful. While the bride may want a pair that she can actually wear, you can also consider smaller replicas as wedding favors that the guests can take home to remember the wedding. No matter what type or size of Cinderella shoes you are seeking, the large selection on eBay means that you do not have to scour the kingdom looking for the right pair for you.