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About Cinderella Dolls

Mommy, I want a pony. It is the same story every year, but if a pony is not the most practical gift to get for your little princess, perhaps a Cinderella doll might be a better option. Released in 1950, Disney's "Cinderella" is a timeless animated masterpiece, and for over half a decade, various companies have been making Cinderella dolls to delight fans, both old and young. If your daughter wants a doll to play with and cherish, a Cinderella Barbie is a good choice, and the 50th anniversary Cinderella Barbie is a stunning doll that would look just as nice on display on a collector's shelf. For something even more special, consider the Disney exclusive Cinderella limited edition doll. With only 5,000 of these dolls in the world, your daughter will know she is very special to own one. From Franklin Mint dolls, to vintage porcelain dolls, reliable sellers on eBay offer the widest selection of dolls to suit all tastes. If you buy your daughter a Cinderella doll, she might even stop pestering you for a pony. At least until next year.

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