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About Cinderella

Although Disney's Cinderella hit the theaters in 1950, children still enjoy the timeless story of a girl rising from the status of housemaid in her stepmother’s home to become a princess through of the magic of love. Her story, along with Snow White, the Little Mermaid and others, remain children's favorite movies through multiple generations. The stories are riveting tales of hope and achievement, but kids also love the imaginative animation that each story presents. The story proved to be so popular, that Disney made two more movies: "Cinderella II" and III. In the former, Cinderella has trouble adjusting to her new role as princess, while the latter involves traveling back in time to the fateful day where she tries on the shoe. Due to Lady Tremaine's interference, things go wrong and she must fight to regain her prince. To own a piece of Disney magic and enthrall your kids, buy the Disney Cinderella DVD or Blu-ray, along with the music CDs, from reliable eBay sellers. Watch them again with your children, and you will fall in love once more.