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About Cigarette Lighter Socket

The little red battery icon is flashing on your phone, telling you it is about to die in the middle of your journey home from work. When you add a cigarette lighter socket to your vehicle, charging electronic devices in the middle of your journey becomes simple. Combined with a charger that fits your phone or tablet, one of these sockets makes gaining power on the move easy. As most pack 12 volts of power, you can connect them to any DC outlet capable of running from them. This is not just ideal for charging. If your passengers need to stay entertained on the move they can watch a film using a portable DVD player. By purchasing a cigarette lighter power socket that has USB capabilities, you open yourself up to a broader range of USB chargers. To split the power between more than one device, try a 1-to-3 car cigarette lighter charger socket. When you shop on eBay for your cigarette lighter socket, you can explore a vast inventory of items. Now, you never have to worry about losing power again while you are on the move.