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About Cider Presses

The word "autumn" conjures crisp cool air, leaves of red and harvest gold, pumpkin pies, and tall glasses of tart apple cider. A cider press purchased allows people to enjoy the thirst-quenching flavors of autumn year round. Trustworthy sellers on eBay offer a variety of products perfect for pressing delicious apple juices. Some apple cider presses feature a solid oak base and cage with steel rings and spindles. A sturdy cast iron pressing mechanism efficiently squeezes juice from any favorite apple, including a Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Fuji, Gala, or McIntosh. Because quality construction often provides life-long use, some shoppers might choose an antique cider press. Made from wood and steel or heavy-duty cast iron, these useful products offer an authentic cider-making experience and impart an ambience of days gone by to kitchen decor. In addition to apples, a cider press works equally well for grapes, leading to the production of homemade grape juices. Set the table with a savory pork roast, warm fall vegetables, and apple cider to celebrate autumn in its full glory.

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