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About Cichlids

A freshwater fish tank is a great addition to any home, as they are easy to clean and maintain, and freshwater fish are much more affordable than their saltwater loving counterparts. The cichlid is a very popular freshwater fish found in a wide variety of types and colors. From the African cichlid all the way across the ocean to the South American cichlid, there are almost two thousand known species of this unique fish, which means a huge selection of live cichlids are available on eBay from reliable sellers and fellow fish lovers. Bright neon colors, incredible scale patterns, and affordability make this freshwater fish a near requirement for anyone looking to add some color and depth to their in-home ecosystem. There are some magnificent specimens, some with more than a dozen different colors speckled across their bodies. There are even some with one solid, beautiful color for those looking to match their fish with their specific taste.