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About Churidar

If you have seen even one Bollywood song and dance number, you know two things: Bollywood stars are terrific dancers, and the men and women look amazing in traditional Indian clothing. That style of dress is becoming more and more popular in Western cultures, and if it is something you want to try, you can start with a churidar. The unisex garment is a pair of tight yet stretchy pants — sort of like leggings — that are wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. Most have a cuff at the bottom of each leg that allows any excess material to bunch up, sort of like a series of bangles. Traditionally, women wear the churidar with a tunic called a kameez, while men pair them with a large shirt called a kurta. Though the style has been around for quite some time, many women still wear it today, choosing materials that feature bold prints and bright colors. Some even choose to pair the churidar with exotic tops for celebrations such as weddings. Find a vast inventory of this traditional Indian fashion on eBay.