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About Chunky Jewelry

Reminiscing one day, you fondly recall the days of exploring all of your mother’s vintage chunky jewelry as you played dress up with your friends, and now, you’re hoping to find a few chunky jewelry sets of your own to add some style and flair to your wardrobe. Fortunately, ever sense your best friend told you about their selection, you couldn't resist the urge to explore eBay’s vast selection of chunky jewelry. You’re amazed at the deals you see before you, and you find it difficult to choose just a few. Finally, you decided on a two adorable sets to start with from the same reliable seller. One set features a braided cord and chain necklace that has a gold tone anchor in the center and is surrounded by beautiful blue and gold beads with tiny seashells. The other, a chunky faux bead set, is handcrafted with simulated gems and is designed to look elegant whether you’re going for a formal or informal look. You’re so pleased with how they look after they arrive that you’re certain that a chunk of your next paycheck is going to go towards purchasing more to add to your collection just as soon as you can.