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About Chuggington

Action Chugger Chatsworth and advanced trainees Wilson, Brewster, and Koko are ready for adventures with your little ones. The loveable characters of Chuggington are trains that help your little engineers learn about telling the truth, listening, and loyal friendship. Bring their favorite little train characters home for them by shopping on eBay, where the large assortment includes die-cast trains, wooden trains, and Chuggington trains like Piper and Hodge. The Puffer Pete set makes real steam for more realistic adventures. To find Chuggington train sets that include more than one train along with interactive railways, check out the listings by reliable sellers. Train sets with loops in the tracks, turntable stations, and the training yard are available to enchant your train enthusiast. Give your children the fun of learning with their favorite trains in the training yard. Get a variety of little Chuggers, and let your little ones have exciting travels along the rails with their talking Chuggington pals.