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About Chrysler 300M

For many a classic car enthusiast, Chrysler's 300 letter series epitomizes style and luxury, but these predecessors to the muscle cars unfortunately ceased production in 1965. Enter the Chrysler 300M: released in 1998 and produced until 2004, it was an attempt to recapture that magic on a more modern platform. Originally developed as a second-generation Eagle Vision, it was rebadged when the Eagle brand closed down. The 300M was designed as a world car, short enough to sell in Europe, but with enough interior room to make everyone happy. With 255 horsepower the 300M engine didn't quite match its predecessor in rated power, but with the switch from gross to net horsepower measurements in the intervening period, horsepower figures dropped across the board. It was marketed more for luxury than performance, with excellent sound insulation and a quiet ride. The seats are the most comfortable of any Chrysler product of its era. Shop eBay to find new, used, and classic Chrysler cars, along with all the parts you need to keep these beauties running, from headlights to rims. The M may not actually stand for "magic," but who cares when you're behind the wheel?