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About Chronometers

More than just an average timepiece, a chronometer watch meets highly rigorous, precise timekeeping standards. Available in digital, wrist watch, and pocket watch varieties, chronometers come with automatic and mechanical movements but not quartz movement. Many people collect vintage Hamilton chronometer watches as war mementos because of their relationship to military use by different nations. Particularly used as marine devices due to their importance in navigation, these highly accurate watches are critical in the armed services today where troops or sailors may go for days or weeks before seeing another timepiece. Sellers on eBay also offer vintage chronometer pocket watch choices that range from pre-1900s to more recent rare finds for collectors. Nowadays, a number of brands, such as Timex, Casio, Seiko, produce digital chronometer watches that offer an assortment of extra features like compasses, calendars, and alarms. However, whether you want antique timepieces or a modern wristwatch, buying a chronometer comes with an assurance of accuracy not found in devices simply called watches.