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About Christmas Village

The glow of soft lights illuminate the windows of snow-covered houses strung with lights for the holidays, while carolers and shoppers bundle up against the cold. Even if you live in a tropical climate, you can still enjoy these classic wintry scenes with a Christmas village arranged in your home as a seasonal display. Recalling past eras with Victorian-style homes and old-fashioned storefronts, a Lemax Christmas village adds a vintage touch to indoor holiday displays. Place the old-fashioned horse-drawn milk truck in front of the village store, or position the local children on the playground near the snow-covered slide. Bring some Mickey magic to your holiday decor with a Disney Christmas village featuring beloved characters. Minnie drives through town in her holiday best in a red convertible, while the Toontown Five and Dime is decked out with lights, wreaths, and bows. Find a wide selection on eBay of Christmas village pieces and sets. Customize your own village, or choose a complete set that comes with light and sound. Enjoy your own small town holiday without ever leaving your living room.