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About Christmas Stocking Holders

On the night before Christmas, most people hang their stockings from the mantle with care, in hopes that Saint Nicholas will soon be there. Ever the worrier, you know having wool and cotton dangling inches from open flames presents a fire hazard, and so you choose Christmas stocking holders instead. You can find holders shaped like angels and jolly cherubs to hold your stockings up to the heavens or choose beautiful miniature tree holders. Angel holders, adorned with two matching trumpeting angels and beautiful red and gold polish, create a stunning and heavenly display. Some holders come handmade and painted by artisans, while others come from popular brands like Hallmark. Christmas stocking holders look pretty and delicate, but they are quite strong. Stocking holders support weights up to 15 or even 20 pounds. You can stuff your family's stockings with candy canes, chocolate, and other goodies to the brim, knowing the holders are sure not to break. Look for these wonderful products on eBay, where reliable sellers offer a large variety of new and used holders to choose from. You can find elegant silver plates, snowflakes, and Santa from manufacturers like Pottery Barn. You can ensure that your stockings are in place by the time Saint Nicholas arrives.