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About Christmas Stockings

Whether hung by the chimney with care or dangling from a stairway hook, a Christmas stocking is part of the menagerie of supplies that bring a celebratory spirit to many homes each December. Shoppers looking for festive products at a great price can find a variety of stockings on eBay through reliable sellers in new and used condition. Knit Christmas stockings make a colorful choice and allow some degree of stretch when you need to stuff many small treats and treasures inside. Shoppers may also enjoy quilted stockings or those fashioned from needlepoint portraying lovely Christmas scenes. Those with the time and patience can even purchase needlepoint kits to fashion their own seasonal stockings. Personalized Christmas stockings are a one-of-a-kind product, featuring a monogrammed name and other special sayings, such as "Baby's First Christmas" or "World's Best Dad." Large families or employers can purchase a Christmas stocking lot to accommodate a whole group. Easy-click purchase and convenient shipping take all the stress out of shopping.