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About Christian Dior

You do a quick mental calculation, and you realize that your Christian Dior purse is more valuable than the combined cost of everything it contains. A genuine Christian Dior handbag may cost hundreds of dollars, but it is worth every penny to the fashionista who wants that new Dior look. Christian Dior has stayed at the forefront of fashion since the 1940s and 1950s, when Dior became a huge internationally known name no the runway and beyond. Today, Christian Dior watches, jewelry, and perfumes are in high demand, and the market is flooded with imitations of the real thing. Distinguishing between fake and genuine products is difficult, and buyers need to know the distinguishing marks of a true Dior piece. For example, most Dior handbags and shoes are made from genuine leather, and the hardware should be marked with Dior or CD. Authentic Christian Dior products are available from sellers on eBay, and aspiring fashion moguls can get great deals on pre-owned Dior clothing and accessories.