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About Chopper Bicycles

Shop the large inventory of cycling equipment including collectible complete bicycles!

Even if you don't live on the West Coast, a chopper bicycle is an incredibly stylish ride across the mid-west down the east coast and across the south. This classic design is modeled after the chopper motorcycle. It has a sturdy frame and a relaxed seat. Choppers became popular when people started piecing them together themselves out of crude parts to make the classic frame. In fact, it was a long while before companies began manufacturing them. The true meaning of the chopper bicycle at one time meant that it was built by an individual from scratch and by hand. What stemmed from this were chopper clubs and riding brigades. It wasn't until the impressive design caught on that it became a popular bike to buy from manufacturers. Now they are available in the vast inventory on eBay. You can find the parts individually such as seats, frames, handlebars and wheels and make a custom bike of your own, or you can find the pre-built perfect vintage bike of your dreams. No matter what your choice, you will be all ready to cruise around on your chopper bicycle.