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About Chip Resetters

You are becoming increasingly frustrated as you have checked and rechecked that you have installed the refilled ink cartridge in your printer correctly, and yet the computer continues to give you the low ink warning. After a visit to Google, you discover that you need a chip resetter to let the printer application know that you have refilled the cartridge. The first place that you think of to look for an ink cartridge chip resetter is on eBay, and you are not disappointed. There is a choice of reliable sellers offering chip resetters, and the prices that they are asking are much less than you had imagined that it would cost. You find the Epson chip resetter that is compatible with your printer and arrange for delivery, glad that you could avoid hunting through computer stores for the right one. After finishing your purchase, you return to the printer software with a sigh as you try and find the place in the settings where you can disable the ink monitor until the chip resetter arrives.