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About Chinese Silk

When referring to Chinese silk, most people have images of brightly colored, high luster fabric found in kimonos. This ancient fabric type is known for holding color and stitching well for a look that royalty loved through the centuries. It features a soft texture and great luster that is smooth like polyester but not as slippery, which makes it easier to sew. Chinese silk fabric is also surprisingly strong and absorbs water well, making it excellent for embroidery and fabric painting. Plain Chinese silk, also known as silk habotai, often features in the linings of wedding gowns and eveningwear because of its lightweight draping properties. In terms of casual use, reliable sellers on eBay offer many painted or embroidered items, such as a Chinese silk scarf, an embroidered jacket, brocade fabric, and clutch bags. The embroidered items feature strong visual patterns with definitive lines against a bright, solid background, while the pieces with painted patterns have softer edges and colors flowing gently into each other. Adding a Chinese silk jacket, scarf, or shawl to your daily wear provides a dash of color and elegance to an otherwise low key or neutral outfit. You can feel like royalty without all the fuss.