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About Chinese Shirts

You can blame the manga, but you know you love Asian style, especially when it comes to clothing. Buying a Chinese shirt can feed your love for this style of clothing, but it is perfectly okay. These shirts come in a few different styles, most in T-shirt or button up shirt form. Chinese T-shirts often feature characters from manga, dragons, tigers, and flowers. T-shirts come in many colors, but black or white are common. Women's styles are apt to have flowers, while men's styles have tigers and dragons. A traditional Chinese shirt has long sleeves and fastens along the front seams. The shirts might be plain or have designs such as dragons on the front or back. Some traditional shirts come in plain colors, and in short sleeve styles. Check the sizing before buying a Chinese shirt. Chinese clothing sizes are often smaller than American clothing sizes. Most of the reliable sellers on eBay offer the sizing information right in the listing, making it easy to purchase a few shirts.