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About Chinese Exports

The Orient—it represents a vision of beauty and mystery, of elusiveness and unchartered territories. China, and the rest of Asia in later years, is painted throughout history as the place legends and wares of delicate beauty are made of, as seen by the Chinese export that made its way to Europe and later to North America. Chinese export comes in many forms and is valuable in early Europe. There’s porcelain, which come in vases, dishes, tea wares, figure models, and delicate birds and animals. In later years, Chinese armorial became the rage, and drawings of individual coats were sent to China to be copied and then sent back to Europe. Chinese lacquer, with its inlays and carved drawings, is another prized export. Nowadays, these visions of beauty are on eBay, in auction houses and in your grandmother’s bedroom. They might be vintage, but these pieces are the stuff that legends are made of.