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About Chinese Costumes

The Mandarin collar is a globally adopted fashion trend for both men and women. Other traditional Chinese costumes celebrate the rich heritage of the country as well. Get the delicate damsel look in a traditional full-length robe. The silk and lace feels cool against your skin, and its bright colors put you in a good mood. Wrap the left lapel over the right, and tie the sash around your waist. This Chinese ancient costume called hanfu originated from the Han dynasty. Pile your hair in a high bun, and hold a parasol to complete the look. Male Chinese costumes include a similar handcrafted rich robe, but this is a knee-length garment worn over trousers and flat black cotton shoes. Pair it with a long mustache, Chinese goatee, and an emperor hat; the effect is a sure hit. How exciting if you have the chance to participate in oriental folk festivities. Pick out a beautiful Chinese dragon costume from the vast inventory on eBay, and gather a team of six adults, boys, or girls to give the dragon dance a go. The costume includes the colorful head, body, and tail made of silk, along with easily assembled poles. Learn about a new culture, and have lots of fun while at it.