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About Chinese Clothing

Many beautiful pieces of Chinese clothing are made of silk, skillfully embroidered, and dyed in brilliant colors. They were made while people in other parts of the world were still dressing in animal skins. There are several different types of traditional Chinese clothing. Dresses are called cheongsams, qipaos, or mandarin dresses. Men's Chinese clothing is called changshan. Earlier versions of clothing for men and women had long, wide sleeves and high collars. These styles date back to the Qing Dynasty, from 1644 to 1911, the last of the ruling imperial dynasties in China. After 1912, when the Chinese Empire fell, the Zhongshan suit became trendy for men instead. It is named after Sun Yat-sen, who took control of China after the fall of the Empire. The traditional Chinese wedding dress is red and embroidered with an elaborate Chinese dragon. People believe that dragons and the color red are good luck, so men's and children's clothing often has these symbols as well. You can use the reliable sellers on eBay to find a wide variety of Chinese clothing to expand your wardrobe.

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